Resident centered care with compassionate team members.

More About St. Otto’s

We at St Otto’s Care Center, inspired by our Christian values and beliefs are dedicated to giving personalized quality care while building and maintaining relationships with our residents and the community.

At St Otto’s, we are committed to providing a respectful, community-oriented approach to care that builds and maintains relationships between residents, team members, families, and the Little Falls community.

Unique Array of Services

St Otto’s Care Center is a 93-bed skilled nursing facility located in Little Falls, MN. It was founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, whose tradition of caring for the elderly began in 1891. First opened in 1925, St Otto’s Care Center offers:

Long-Term Care

For some residents, St. Otto’s is a home, a place to receive personalized medical attention in a compassionate, respectful environment that protects dignity and promotes independence.

Short-Term Care

Some residents come to St. Otto’s only as an intermediate stop on their journey to recovery after surgery, illness, or injury. Our short-term care program is designed to facilitate rapid recovery and enhance comfort.

Our Vision

Continue to strengthen our excellence providing for our residents and community.

Our Values

We believe in fostering an environment that promotes communication, teamwork, accountability, and continuing education at every level in order to provide the highest quality care to our residents.

Resident Centered Care

We provide a personalized family approach centered on meeting the needs of those we care for.

Respectful and Compassionate Team Members

Our team members promote a professional and respectful environment through teamwork, communication and compassion.

Striving for Excellence

St Otto’s Care Center pursues excellence daily through consistent communication and follow through, continuing education, and empowerment of team members.

Caring for the Community

St. Otto’s Care Center’s strong foundation extends beyond its walls, connecting our residents with the community in which we all live and work.